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Scandinavian style plays a huge role in my every day. I’m all about it. I live and breathe it. And the fact that you’ve come here tells me maybe you do too.

My Parents immigrated to Australia in the 80’s so I’ve been raised with a strong sense of what it means to be Swedish while growing up in Melbourne. Inspired by my Scandinavian heritage, I decided to launch my passion project ‘Scandi Heart’… because I love my life in Australia, but my heart will always be Scandi.

I was introduced to Gotland sheep by my father, who moved back to his hometown in central Sweden to follow his childhood dream of running a farm. Gotland sheep are renowned for their luxurious, coal grey, curls and their skins have become a hugely popular signature pieces in homes all over the world.

Gotland sheepskins have been part of Scandinavian culture for centuries. It’s been suggested that the Vikings discovered a breed of sheep in Russia and bred it with a local variety in Sweden to create the Gotland sheep. Whatever their historical origin, one thing is certain: their stunning ringlet curls add remarkable, natural beauty to any interior.

The pelts are undyed, extremely durable and never lose their silky touch. The rugs are perfect for draping over your favourite armchair, bed, your kitchen bench or can be used as a beautiful baby play mat.

I’m so excited, that through Scandi Heart, I’m able to share the rare beauty and class of the Gotland Sheep rug with you. I hope you love them as much as I do xx



The breed was first established on the Swedish island of Gotland by the Vikings. They bred Karakal and Romanov sheep, brought back from expeditions deep into Russia, which were then bred with the native sheep in the 1920’s and 1930’s

Scandi Heart’s skins are sourced from Dalarna in central Sweden and are ethically sourced.

The Gotland skins are almost exclusively bred in Sweden and have been a part of Swedish culture for almost 100 years. With their silky grey curls, Gotland skins are considered by many to be some of the most desirable sheepskins.

All skins have their natural colour and shape. They have been tanned using the gentlest methods available and in adherence with the strict Swedish environmental legislation.

The ‘Scandi Heart’ Gotland sheepskins come from passionate and knowledgeable breeders. The rugs are clean, natural and sustainably sourced.

Sheepskins will not felt or become matted – even after many years of everyday use. They are durable enough to endure the rigour of homes with children and pets and can instantly transform any bedroom or living room space.